360* Marketing Strategy

From digital to on the ground solutions


I specialise in destination, travel and outdoor adventure photography

360* marketing strategy package

Each marketing solution package is tailor made depending on a brands objectives. Some potential inclusions:

  • Brand and consumer analysis

  • Campaign strategy with a focus on digital marketing.

  • Additional on the ground touch points, I.E. Events, activations and PR.

  • Content creation and influencer management.

  • Campaign management.

  • Key performance indicators to measure a campaigns ROI based on a brands objectives.

Let’s kick your brand into the next gear. Drop me a mail so we can start a conversation.

Photography packages

I am a photographer who specialises in travel, destinations, landscapes and outdoor adventure. When it comes to travel my passion lies in sustainable and eco tourism.

I create photo campaigns that tell your brand or product story in an authentic and engaging way. That can be used on Social, Digital or print mediums.

If you’re an outdoor brand, travel or adventure company, let’s talk and see how I can help you create photos that will resonate with your consumer in all the right ways.

Video Production

There is nothing more engaging then a well produced video


Create stories for your brand that consumers want to read

Video production packages

Video can be the one up a brand needs. It can captivate and engage an audience, driving your messaging through emotive and cinematic storytelling.

I am a videographer and editor with a passion for creating beautiful work. I can take your vision and turn it into an end product or I can create a storyboard and concept from scratch.

Whether you’re looking for a full production or an editor to work on existing footage, I can help.

Let’s create some magic. Contact me now with any questions you have.

Writing packages

Reading and writing is something that has always been a part of my lifestyle. I have an curious connection to words.

I love to write about places, people and experiences from a raw and personal perspective. If your brand is looking for some blog or publication content, I can craft a relevant story. When it comes to writing, I only write about subjects that personally resonate or inspire me. If you have a travel, outdoor, conservation or adventure brand let’s chat and see how we can create some evergreen content for your platforms.


Event planning

Brand activations and events are the best way to engage with consumers on the ground

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Project Management

I manage projects of any scale, from start to end.

Event planning packages

After working for global brand, Converse, I planned my fair share of events and activations. If your brand is looking to do mall activations, outdoor activations, put on a concert or media event, I can help.

Concept creation is my favourite part of event planning so contact me today and let’s brain storm some ideas that will knock the socks off your consumers.

Project management Packages

From events with a 30 person capacity, A Kite surfing event that was live streamed for the world to see and even an event where an MEC and Major were the main presenters, I have

I manage everything from crew, accommodation, transport, ticketing, gear, catering, lighting, sound, entertainment, you name it and it is most likely included in project management.

If you have any kind of event or production that you need help to manage and coordinate, I’m your lady.