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Photos of Bali by photographer Steve Walsh

In February of 2018 I embarked on my first ever solo trip and joined a co-working retreat for a whole month overflowing with productivity and adventure. I met some amazing and ridiculously inspiring people one of which was Steve Walsh, a photographer from Montreal. He finally had a second to sift through all the thousands of photos he took and edit his favourite ones. 500 photos that fully capture the essence of Bali.

A little Italian town called Tivoli

When approaching Tivoli on the train, we rounded a tunnel and were greeted by what I can only describe as magical. A big cascading waterfall fell from the hills, which were topped with old Italian houses, laundry hanging off balconies and houses precariously placed on the hillside. A beautiful arched bridge and a cathedral bell tower topping off the magic. The streets were a quiet delight after the bustle of Rome. It was like we were transported to an entirely different place and time.

Fumbling my way around

It's so funny, that whole, creative ideas come to you when you least expect them and in the shower thing, both totally true. When you're 26 and learning to do things for the first time, asking questions is so intimidating. Doing things for the first time as you get older seems to get clunkier and messier. It's like fumbling your away around the dark. One thought that seems to consistently pop into my head is "am I doing this right?"

Hiking Lion's Head, South Africa - A photographers gem

The absolute best thing about the city of Cape Town has to be how accessible it is to immerse yourself in Nature. One of the most notable and well-known trails and mountains other than the infamous Table Mountain is Lion's Head. I think I have managed to schedule in some time to do this hike almost every time I have visited the city and never once has it disappointed.