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This is a platform for me to showcase my work, collaborations, passion projects and my life adventures. Thanks for joining the journey.

So a new adventure begins

So a new adventure begins

Let me just start out by saying, moving is a B***H! You always see people in movies putting that last box in the car, drinking an ice cold beer and having Pizza with friends on the floor of their now empty apartment. Don’t let them fool you! Its exhausting.

Our lives consist of so much stuff! So when you do move and start unpacking cupboards all this stuff just appears and keeps coming at you. Its overwhelming quite frankly.

I moved into this beautifully sunny little apartment a mere year ago. When my mom and I moved out of the house I grew up in last year December, we got rid of boxes and boxes full of stuff. And in my little independent life I have now accumulated so much!

When I moved into my first place on my own. Its been an amazing adventure. Living alone you find out so much about yourself. Life is so much more pressured but at the same time you have so much more time to do what you want.

I think the one thing that hit me hard was that there is no “Tap out” option. When you live at home if your sick your parents look after you, they help do washing or dishes on days when it isn’t your turn. There are shifts for dinner. They pay the bills and worry about the big people problems. But when you live alone all the big people problems are yours and now you have to think about things you have never thought about before! How do I take out insurance on my stuff? Who’s the best to use? Do I need a provident fund or retirement annuity? How the F*** do I do all my Tax by myself? My geyser just burst! Its 03:00am, WHAT DO I DO!!? Being sick was my worst! I had a terrible stomach bug and had to ask a friend to bring me medicine and food. Thank goodness for friends!

Its been a wild experience and despite all the stresses of adulting it is the best possible thing you can do! You realise how exciting YOUR life can be. How endless the possibilities are. If you want to chill naked and stuff your face with cake for breakfast and watch Netflix all day from your lounge floor, why the heck not. Its  a freeing experience and one thats lead me to this next step. Im ready for more freedom. Ready to learn more about life and myself.

Here we go...

And i'm off...

And i'm off...