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Lacing up my first pair of hiking boots

And so my journey began. I sold my stuff, began to travel and find ways to spend more time outdoors and I haven’t looked back since. Now hiking is part of my life and I was so excited to receive my first ever pair of hiking boots from Hi-Tec. Like a kid on Christmas kind of excited. After just a week of having them I laced them up and embarked on another first, another leap, my first overnight hike. 

Fumbling my way around

It's so funny, that whole, creative ideas come to you when you least expect them and in the shower thing, both totally true. When you're 26 and learning to do things for the first time, asking questions is so intimidating. Doing things for the first time as you get older seems to get clunkier and messier. It's like fumbling your away around the dark. One thought that seems to consistently pop into my head is "am I doing this right?"

Trying to live an essential lifestyle

This week was a really weird one! Seems I've been having a lot of those lately. It consisted of me trying to push and pull myself in a million directions, running around like a headless chicken and ending up feeling like I hadn't really accomplished much. Ever get that? About a month ago, when I was in Bali, I downloaded a book called "Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less"