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Learn to celebrate the small wins

Learn to celebrate the small wins

Working Remotely

Working remotely on my own time is the best decision I could ever have made but like anything it has it's tough parts. This week reminded me of the great parts, when you achieve so much in a week and you're your best team player.

Working for yourself there is no one to give you a thumbs up for a Job well done, no one to make sure you're not slacking off or to check if you are on track with your deadlines, except YOU. Working for yourself and remotely you are your own boss, secretary, cleaner, copyrighter, and all round superhuman! You are your best resource but in my case you can also be your own worst enemy.

I have a bad habit of being very hard on myself, something i'm consciously trying to kick but change takes a little bit of time. So on a week like this when I actually come to my own party and realise all the little things i've achieved, I take the opportunity to pat myself on the back.


The week started really well, meeting up with a destination photographer and videographer who's journey i've been following for a while. It's amazing to pick the brains of someone you admire. Finding out how they got to where they are, the paths they took and how they shaped their craft. There's no feeling like the feeling you get when you're inspired and meeting with like minded people who have similar passions and ideals. It set my week on a great starting note.


Something else i'm really zeroing in on this week is my physical fitness. Back in Joburg I used to do amateur boxing and started getting really fit and I loved the way it felt. Being proud of my body's strength and its ability to push itself a little bit harder every day. I find what the human body is capable of exhilarating. Getting back into physical fitness with running has been so great not only for my body but also for my mind. An 8km open road with nothing to do but let your thoughts flow as your sneakers hit the gravel and your eyes gaze at the country side surrounding you. I pushed myself in a good way this week and managed to get to 8kms keeping my time consistent which i'm really proud of. Slowly getting back into it.


During the course of the week I also managed to spend quality time with family, develop a webpage for a client and edit a 2 minute video from Bali for a client (Editing is something I haven't done in a while but absolutely LOVE). I worked on a few clients Social Media marketing and tons of admin for my photography and travel writing.

So basically I did a lot. I think for me that's the biggest beauty of remote working. One day I may only work for 2 hours if there isn't anything super pressing and the weather is to good to resist being outdoors and the next day I may work the whole night through. It's up to me to trust myself with my time, to acknowledge all the small things i've accomplished and to just enjoy this journey i'm on!

I took hardly any photos this week cause I was grafting hard. The featured image is one of my top sunsets from last year and it makes me so happy every time i see it so I thought it was fitting to end of the week!

Here's to always celebrating the small wins and enjoying the journey.


Hiking Lion's Head, South Africa - A photographers gem

Hiking Lion's Head, South Africa - A photographers gem

A guide to canoeing in Nature's Valley, South Africa

A guide to canoeing in Nature's Valley, South Africa