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A two day travel guide to Nusa Lembongan Islands, Indonesia

A two day travel guide to Nusa Lembongan Islands, Indonesia

Before travelling to Bali I hadn't really heard much about the island other than the beautiful temples and inviting beaches. During the month that I was there we stayed in Ubud which is an inland area overflowing with culture and endless green rice terraces. I couldn't have picked a better place to stay but I am a water baby through and through and started to feel the ocean calling. After weighing up all the surrounding islands we decided on Nusa Lembongan as we only had two days and it was a) the most accessible b) small enough to be able to explore the whole island in two days and c) still relatively untouched compared to Bali and some of the other islands while still having a fair amount of transport options to get around (At this stage I still can't ride a scooter, watch this space...)

I had the best two days on the island and I wanted to share all my favourite places and spots with you so if you're planning a trip go check them out.

Best sunset spot (probably my best yet) - Devil's Tears

This spot had so much rocky surface to explore and beautiful rock pools perfect for those sunset reflections. It sort of peers over the ocean so you are right in the midst of the action as the ocean waves plummet the cliffs edge. When the waves are calm though it is so serene and the shades of the sunset were unbelievable to see. 

WORK & PLAY SPOT - North side of the island.

If you are also a remote worker, photographer or location independent nomad, chances are you have something you need a little wifi for. Along the north side of the island ,where the boats drop you off, there is a road that over looks the bay and Mt Agung with a few places you can sit, use the wifi and have a meal. How's this for a work view right? This pool was also a blast to swim and have racing competitions in at Coconut Beach Resort haha.


We were staying on the west side of the island so we had to drive up to the top of the island to catch a sunrise. The island is such a great size though so it took about 12 minutes on our scooters to get to the beaches at the top of the island. It was so peaceful with only 2 other tourists with the same idea in mind. Always my favourite way to spend a morning. We also had a little puppy join us which made it that much better.

Only place with Coffee at 07:00am - Nick's Place

Coffee is the one thing I struggle to sacrifice. I used to be both a smoker and a big drinker and no longer consume either so I think I can spoil myself with a little coffee, especially after waking up to watch a sunrise. Nick's Place had the friendliest people and a really nice atmosphere. The food pricing was also really affordable so go check them out for a coffee and breakfast.


If you are after a bit more of an artisan/western breakfast with one heck of a view, go and check out The Deck! I could have sat and stared out at the view all morning. Its a great place to have a meal and their smoothies are particularly tasty.

CHILL SPOT - Sandy Bay Beach Club

We spent a few hours in between exploring Dream Beach and Devil's Tears just taking it easy at Sandy Bay Beach Club. Their pricing isn't bad at all considering where they are located and it is a big place so it is nice and spacious. There were only about 5 other people there the whole time we chilled by the pool which was great! Another bonus us they offer shuttles back to your accommodation which was a huge thumbs up for me who is yet to learn to properly ride a scooter.


With Beaches like these - Dream Beach

I literally got pounded on by a huge wave the second I stepped onto this beach, for lack of concentration and it was hilarious. There is a really cute little restaurant down by the beach and it has a very secluded feel as its in a mini bay of sorts. The waves are really big if your a fan of swimming under them and the water is such beautiful shades of blue. A winner for sure.

Most reliable ATM

I just had to put this in here as ATM hunting was an activity that took up a slice of our time on the island. So we left Bali the day after 'Nyepi' also known as Silent day, during which the island gets totally shut down, so all the ATMS had been off. We tried to draw cash the next morning before leaving Bali and none were working yet. Got to the island and the first 6 we tried did not work. Finally on the last day, the 7th one worked haha! So if ever in need of an ATM on the island, go to the one by Mushroom bay.



My favourite thing I did while on the island was by far snorkelling. I wrote a blog feature about it a while back if you want to find out more information!





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