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3 Dreamy snorkeling locations in Bali

3 Dreamy snorkeling locations in Bali

Snorkeling is one of those activities I have always wanted to try but never really had access to. Bali is known for it’s amazing snorkeling locations and while I was there I saw one of the influencers I follow posting about a company they went snorkeling with. I checked them out and decided to book almost immediately. Who wouldn’t want their first time snorkeling to be with Manta rays right? Could it get more epic!

The company we used was Monkey Surfing and I highly recommend them. The captain of our trip, Diasa, was extremely accommodating going out of his way to fetch us at our hotel on the other side of the Nusa Lembongan Island. He was very informative, so friendly, clearly passionate about the ocean and actively helped us find as many Manta rays as possible.


Manta Bay was the first stop on our 4 hour excursion. Being my first time even plopping off the side of the boat into wide open ocean, I was fairly nervous and like a noob I wore a life jacket to start with. It didn’t take long though to feel at one with the ocean and take it off. Seeing the first Manta ray is a sight I will never forget. How something so big can be so graceful and majestic is mind blowing. The first one I spotted was about the size of those big outdoor umbrellas and he was coming straight at me and then gradually changed course so he could pass within 2 metres of me. We must have seen over  10 Mantas in our time in the bay, each one unique and equally spectacular. The actual bay itself was also incredible with it's expansive cliffs plummeting into the ocean and the incredibly clear water allowing us the visibility to see all the way to the deep ocean floor below.



Second stop of the morning was Crystal Bay. It was a vastly different experience from Manta Bay but equally as brilliant in it's own right. The water was warm, clear and inviting, the perfect site for 45 minutes of floating along the surface observing the pulsating life below. The bay was something out of a movie with it's sweeping mountains and palm tree filled beach. The vast coral and abundance of ocean life was simply beautiful. Coral alive with movement and colours, housing every kind of fish you can imagine. From small blue ones so bright they shone to schools of large colourful fish who looked like tins of paint had been thrown on them. I could have spent the whole day just bopping around and diving down to swim along the ocean floor with the coral.



This one was not on the original agenda for the day but was Captain Diasa's favourite site so he asked if we wouldn’t mind snorkeling this site instead of the Mangroves and i'm so happy we did! The water was a lot more choppy but once you put your head under water you were transported to a wild world below. Taking the serene coral scenes from Crystal Bay and combining it with the vast ocean floors or Manta Bay it was insanely cool. The rock formations from the island do a steep slide into the ocean and are then followed by expansive coral for about 20 Metres until they literally just drop off to the ocean below on your left. So you get this combined idea of safety and comfort above the shallow coral mixed with an understanding of how vast and powerful the rest of the ocean can be.

The ocean is my absolute favourite place to be. I love the taste of salt on my lips, the feeling of the sun on my face and the water on my finger tips. The sounds of the waves above and the isolated peace below. Everything about it just invites you in with it's magically comforting feeling, so being able to see everything happening under the surface was a wonderful experience for me. I am in love with snorkelling after this and Diving is next on my list!

Anyone have any snorkelling recommendations for my future travels?


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