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10 Cost friendly things to do in Ubud, Bali

10 Cost friendly things to do in Ubud, Bali

Bali has literally got an infinite amount of things to do, to the point where it can actually be a bit overwhelming. Luckily i'm here for a whole month so there's time to do a lot of it. My only hesitation is a lot of the spots are very well know which translates into a lot of people, not my favourite way to spend a day out. Give me the quiet beach or a path off the beaten trail any day. Most things also cost money and like I said, for pretty much anyone other then South African's shit is super cheap but for us its much of a muchness so you have to be counting those pennies.

Today marks two weeks of being in Bali so I've thrown together a quick list of the 10 spots I really enjoyed and that were relatively cheap or better yet, FREE:


Literally any rice terrace around the corner from your villa/hostel/airbnb. I guarantee there is one within walking distance from where you're staying so go out and explore. You can watch the locals tending to the rice and meet some really amazing people. The locals i've met have all been extreme friendly, just be respectful of the space as it is their property and lively hood. We have done multiple sunrise and sunset sessions to the same few rice fields around the corner from our villa and each time we see something uniquely beautiful.

Price Tag: FREE


If you have a scooter and want to get a great sunrise view from a beach not to far from Ubud, head out around 05:30am to Cucukan Beach which is only a 30 Min ride east on a scooter. The sunrise was stunning, I mean what more could you need, views of the Nusa Islands, Mt Agungs striking beauty, fisher men going out for their morning catch and the ocean. Yes please!

Price Tag: FREE (Excluding the scooter hire which depends how long your hiring it for but you can generally get one for like IDR30 000 which is R25, so nothing!)


Campuhan ridge walk is right in Ubud and a really great walk that will only take you about 2hrs max to walk up and back down if your stopping to take pics and take in the views. It's really cool because it drops down to palm tree lined forests on either side so your a bit higher up and the pathway gives it a great aesthetic. Lots of people also use the ridge for their daily runs, something I may try in the next two weeks! Also go early, we went at like 06:30am and there were only about 10 other people, just the way I like it haha!

Price Tag: FREE


Find one of literally tons of cool resturants/hang out spots where you can chill, some even have a pool so you can chill in the sun, swim, work and relax simultaneously for free. The only costs would be if you order food or drinks. One of the ones I found with a pool is Folk and you only have to pay to rent the fancy lounging chairs. Other areas are free to chill.

Price Tag:  I don't really drink and i'm skimping on food costs so I just ordered a Juice which lasted me the 3 hours I was there and cost IDR30 000 which is about R26.


Attend a local ceremony or one of the temples in the area. We were so lucky to be in town for the cremation ceremony of one of the members of royalty so we watch some of the  preparation in the days leading up and then got to attend the massive parade. Try plan a trip around one of the planned religious festivities as they have a calendar full and it's bound to be an amazing experience.

Price Tag: FREE


Tegallalang rice terrace is about a 20 minute scooter ride from Ubud. When you arrive you can choose to do one of two things, either you can pay a small fee to go down into the actual terraces and walk around or you can go sit at one of the coffee shops that look over the terraces and have some lunch while you enjoy the views. They are breathtaking terraces that you should not miss out on seeing.

Price Tag: Between IDR 15 000 & IDR100 000 SO R10-R90 depending if your having lunch or not)

7 - Volunteer for BAWA

BAWA is a welfare association that will come to the aid of any animals but specialises in street dogs. Anyone who has been to Bali knows how many stray dogs there are which can easily spread diseases such as rabies. There is also a lot of animal abuse and a horrible meat trade that they try to step in and help with. You can go volunteer doing various things including walking some of the doggies around rice fields for their daily exercise.

Price Tag: FREE

8 - Hike Mt Batur 

This is one I was super excited for as hiking is probably my favourite outdoor activity. We had to wake up at 02:00am to drive an hour and hike up in time to see the sunrise and it was totally worth it. The trail is very busy so its not the most relaxing of hikes but if you stay at the top long enough after sunrise and don't let the monkeys scare you away you get to hike down in absolute peace and quiet which is what we did and it was fantastic.

Price Tag: This one is fairly costly but the price includes pick up and drop off in Ubud, a guide and the hike. It will be between IDR 550K - IDR830K SO R470 - R700 and its basically a whole day event as you'll sleep the rest of the day.

9 - Waterfall tours

This was super high up on my list as anything to do with water is a win for me. We went to Aling-Aling which is a 2.5hr drive by car up north and then to Git Git which is only about 2hrs from Ubud. The drive was really long, but if you can preoccupy yourself in a car and not get car sick on very curvy mountain roads its definitely worth it. I would also recommend Git Git as I personally loved it more but both were spectacular.

Price Tag: So we had 5 people share a car and paid IDR140 000 each SO R120. Then at the actual waterfalls it just depends on if you want to swim or not. Git Git is a flat rate of IDR20 000 SO R18. Don't let people at the top con you into paying more and go down to the ticket place. Aling-Aling is IDR10 000 SO R9. If you want to swim or do any other activities however it's more. We passed on the swimming there and swam at an insane jungle view pool rather which was down the road and free.

10 - Explore Ubud main town

This is a bit of an obvious one but I love just walking around and looking at things and Ubud has so much going on you could literally explore for hours and hours. So take a day to explore, go down all the side streets and just get a little lost.

If anyone knows of any other awesome things to do i'm always so keen for recommendations so just drop me a comment! Also check out my previous blog on some travel tips ahead of your Bali holiday.


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