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A guide to canoeing in Nature's Valley, South Africa

A guide to canoeing in Nature's Valley, South Africa

Canoeing is definitely one of my favourite outdoor activities so far. Water, Check! Sunshine, Check! The Peace and Quiet of Nature, Check! Throw in a little time to reflect and you’ve got me hook, line and sinker.



Nature's Valley is an incredible little town along the famous road trip that is the Garden Route. Living only 25 Minutes drive away, i’m lucky I get to go down and bask in its beauty as often as I please. When I say little town, I actually mean village, as it has a total of about 11 roads, one tuck shop where you can get basic groceries and one restaurant. Other then that its all house’s and nature. Just my scene.

The town is down in a valley, thus the name ‘ Nature's Valley’ (Somethings really are as they seem), so when you’re driving down towards it, you get to a road full of snaky bends with views of the ocean, lagoon and forest below. You’re also almost always guaranteed to see monkeys on the way down so make sure to stick to the 40km speed limit.



Canoeing is one of many things you can do in Nature's. There is an abundance of hiking trails ranging from quick trails to the famous Otter Trail which ends in Nature's. If active activities aren’t quite your scene you can take a towel and umbrella and relax by either the ocean or the serene lagoon.

To rent a canoe you go to the SANParks rest camp reception. It costs R80 per hour for one canoe that can fit two people. You can then canoe up river to the left, which eventually reaches a dead end at a bridge or you can go right down towards the lagoon mouth and ocean. The water is beautiful and clear in most of the shallower spots, perfect for a swim and the nature along the river is absolutely calming. You can hear the sounds of the fish eagles above and the ocean in the distance.

Makes for an extremely relaxing day out in nature.

If hiking is more your scene, go check out my blog on hiking Robberg Nature Reserve.


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