Hello, my name is Carmen Claire.

An adventurer and explorer at heart, nature is my home away from home. I often find myself staying in remote locations around South Africa and the world, travelling to interesting off the map campsites and farms, always looking for the next mountain to hike or river to kayak down.

In the last year I have found myself living in and exploring multiple local and  global destinations including Plettenberg Bay, Victoria Bay, Bali, Sicily, Vietnam, the Philippines and Rome. With a strong background in brand marketing and content creation for global brands such as Converse, RedBull and Digital Nomad Retreats like Pack.Adventures Ltd, I have developed a deep passion for telling meaningful stories around the destinations I travel to and the adventures I go on. My burning desire to create deeper meaningful content for brands I believe in has just grown.

At Converse South Africa I got into the belly of the beast. I was at the forefront of many of our influencer lead campaigns, activations, events and the launch of our very own regional digital platforms. I like to think I’ve had my finger in every piece of the pie which is what gives me an edge and allows me to build campaigns from every angle. A brand perspective, an agency, a client and a consumers mindsets combined. Marketing Strategy was not always my focus, and I have worked in Logistics, project management and content creation for many years.

With a beating heart in the music industry, marketing, art, entrepreneurship in SA, videography and content creation on a larger scale the logical next step was to start my own enterprise. And here we are. My feet have shifted and are now firmly planted in the outdoor adventure and travel industry and I am looking to grow partnerships and grow my passion in the outdoors exploration and adventure arena, with a large focus on sustainability and conservation of the amazing place we get to call our earth.

In a world bombarded with advertising, influence and content, delivering your content in a clear and concise way has never been more critical.

My belief is that beauty, life and power are in the small things, the finer details. A photo that says a thousand words, that inspires movement, thought and progress.

The two phrases I live by;



I currently feed my passion for travel, networking and the outdoors by working as a freelance facilitator for a remote working company called “Find Your Pack”. Other clients I currently service are production houses, media companies, outdoor and travel centred brands and publications.

There you have it! Whether you’re a fan of adventure stories or if you’re a brand looking for 360* campaign solutions, a photography or videography campaign or if you’re simply looking to purchase some beautiful landscape prints,

I’m your lady.

Contact me and let’s collaborate.